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At Peter Schreurs and Sons we have over 40 years experience in vegetable growing. Our crops have evolved over time to suit crop rotation, climatic conditions and consumer need. Here are the 8 select vegetables that we grow in their various forms.

Baby Cos
Baby Cos

A younger smaller variety of cos lettuce.
Baby Wombok
Baby Wombok

A convenient size and excellent tasting chinese cabbage.
Baby Wombok
Export Grade Leeks

A premium leek selected to meet the need of the Japanese market.

A must in any roast. Our own bred and selected variety is sure to please.
Trimmed Leeks
Trimmed Leeks

Finally a convenient leek that is easy to prepare.
Baby Endivel
Baby Endive

A fine leaf variety of endive.
Domestic Grade Leeks
Domestic Grade Leek

A top grade market leek that we have been perfecting over the past 20 years.

Kohl Rabi

A traditional Northern European vegetable with a wonderful sweet taste.




An Italian type lettuce with a distinct colour and flavour.



Have a look at some of these great recipes to try. All have been tried and tested by our family, some that mum cooked for us so we are now cooking for our families.

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